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Welcome to the Brain Move poetry in motion WikiWikiWeb on-line diary.

The purpose of these pages is to document Sherridan Green's Brain Move project as Artist in residence at OPENChannel.

Brain Move went On-line as of the 17th March, 2002 at approximately 11pm.
The first part of Brain Move can be viewed at

The first part of Brain Move is finished. I want to thank John Pierce so much for the enjoyable time working together to create the concept, for being a fantastic support and programming Brain Move. A big thank you to OPENChannel for supporting me as Artist in residence, especially to Helen Bowman and Dea Morgain.

Brain Move interaction will give you an overview.

14th June, 2003
For the last 8 months John and I have worked on Brainmove II, this site offers text in conjunction with moving picture sequences providing philosophical thought and image stimulation inspired by the major arcana of the Tarot cards. Brainmove II can be viewed at

Sherridan's Zodiac Star Sign Predictions can be viewed at

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